Water Damage Computer Repair in Fixit Phones

Spilled Water on Your Computer ? Here’s About Your Computer Repair

I spilled water on my Computer and it won’t turn on, now what ? If you never spilled anything on your Computer than start doing this. Don’t keep any liquid that can spill over next to your Computer, it’s that simple. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. We all try to be careful but accidents do happen. Before computer repair there are some things you can do to reduce the risk.

Using an anti-spill cup would be a good start. If you don’t have one or don’t want to use one than do this. Keep your drink on a lower level than your Computer. For example, if you’re at your desk keep the drink on the floor or on a chair next to the desk. Also bring yourself to your drink not your drink to you. Even if you try to keep it dry there is always the possibility of an accident. If you have a spill and the Computer doesn’t turn on than do this.

What should to do if you spill water on your computer?

The first thing you should do if you spill liquid on the Computer is to turn it off, remove the battery and unplug it. If the spill occurred over the key board than turn it over. If you can put a fan next to it do it right away. The liquid inside the Computer needs to dry completely before you turn it on again.

The safer way is to have an experienced technician open the device and check it out. If you can’t remove the battery yourself than this is probably your best option.

What happens when water spills on a computer?

Depending on the Computer the logic board may be located directly under the keyboard. If the Computer doesn’t turn on after the spill than there is probably a short circuit on the logic board. Some Computer have a battery or a barrier under the keyboard, this can help block the liquid from reaching the logic board.

Besides the logic board getting damaged the liquid can also damage other hardware. The keyboard, battery, power supply can short out and stop working. If the disk gets damaged than there is a strong possibility of data loss. If the logic board has a short than it will need to be examined under a microscope. With any luck the short can be located and any burnt out capacitors or ic chips can be replaced.

It’s up to you when it comes to drinking anything when using your Computer. If you don’t keep a backup of important data than your taking a big risk. Taking the proper precautions will greater reduce your risk. If an accident happens than there is a chance it can be repaired.

Where to get a computer repair in Hollywood FL?

There are many choice for your water damaged computer repair in Hollywood florid, Fixit Phone Repair is one of the Best and cheapest  computer repair shop in town.