FRP Unlock for Huawei Phones

If you have a android phone samsung, LG, Huawei, Zte…and you forget the passcode needed removing your Android activation lock, then here is the right place for you


Have you seen a commercial lately that has persuaded you to switch cell phone companies? If you are ready to leave your current mobile carrier and switch to another, for whatever reason, you may run into a problem.

Your phone is “locked”! This is a hurdle, but it is not impossible to still switch. All you need to do is “unlock” your phone.

There’s no reason to try and attempt something like this yourself, as you may end up causing even more damage. Boca Raton has the experts at Fixit Phone Repairs for this, and many other services.

We can do this for all phone manufacturers and models, including your Huawei phone. Prices vary on an FRP unlocking service, so please call our store or fill out our questionnaire for an immediate response.

We are your go-to place for this and many other tech services, including smartphone, tablet, and computer repair.

You can trust us! All of our repairs come with a warranty on parts and labor. At the time of repair, we will also notify you if we detect any water damage in your device.

We also have used devices and accessories for sale at a price that fits into nearly everyone’s budget.

Most of our services can be performed within 30 minutes and you never need an appointment.

Our staff loves helping people, so if you are having trouble with something we will do our best to fix it.

We can be reached at (561) 826-8073, seven days a week. Bring your phone to us soon, or arrange for it to be remotely.